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you do not have to scroll down page after page to find the item you need. 

We carry virtually the full line of Fiat spider mechanical parts, not just a couple 100 of the fastest moving Fiat 124 Spider parts. 


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 Pininfarina built the Fiat Spider for Fiat - So the 1968-1978 124 Spider-the 1979-82 Fiat 2000 Spider & the 1983-85 Pininfarina Spider are all the same car with some mechanical and cosmetic differences. We also sell parts for the 1968-1975 model years Fiat 124 Sports Coupe. 

Below is our Fiat Spider parts catalog. Fiat 124 Spider Parts  Fiat 124 Sports Coupe

We are an Importer/Distributor of Fiat parts. We import directly from Italy, and International Fiat parts suppliers. I bought my first Fiat in Cleveland Ohio in 1972. (1969 124 Sports Coupe), in the midwest Fiat 124 and 128 s rust really badly, so I moved to Texas. I have worked at Fiat dealers as parts manager, and Fiat Parts houses since 1972. We know these cars! 

We have excellent sources for new old stock oem parts & good used parts that are hard to find. If we have a item listed with a price, it is available. If we don't have a listed item, we will move Heaven & Earth to find it for you. Please email us if you are searching for a hard to find part. it takes time to check our warehouses for these types of items, and it is not something we can answer quickly over the phone.

Attention USA & International Fiat overseas Visitors: We sell parts for the Classic USA model FIAT automobiles imported in the 1960s,70s, and 80s. We did not have new Fiats in the USA from 1982 to 2012, The last Pininfarina Spiders were sold 1985, Fiat left in 1982. The new Fiat Chrysler models such as the 500s  are here, but you can get parts at your local dealer.  We do stock parts such as transmission parts that fiat Fiat autos such as Fiat Regata - Ritmo- Lancia Delta. We stock parts for the Fiat 131 and Fiat Brava 1975-1982.

We do not have Fiat tractor or industrial engine parts!  We have parts for Fiat & Lancia models Fiat 124 Spider, Pininfarina Fiat  & Yugos from the 60's 70's and 80's. thank you.

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