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Heater fan switch

Fiat 4397918
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Heater control valve   Fiat 4208998  
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Heater Valve Gasket
   Fiat 4176872
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Heater core
Fiat 4171510

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Fan Motor
Fiat 4202498 
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short heater core pipe 
 Fiat 4218978      $48.80
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short heater pipe 
 Fiat   4210859      $46.86
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short heater Hose
 Fiat   4425221      $12.06
   more info

long heater hose 
 Fiat     4148536      $12.52
   more info

water pump to heater pipe no choke of fi outlet
Fiat 4298598
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water pump to heater pipe with outlet for hot water for choke or FI  preheater
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